Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Lee Brice excited about career, personal life

Playing at The Pageant for USO Friday

 by Scott Kiefer
Country music singer Lee Brice, who is holding the number two spot this week on Billboard Country singles chart with "Hard To Love," is making a special appearance at The Pageant Friday night at the Red Rock and Blue Concert to benefit the USO.
"We've done quite a few things with the USO all across the states," Brice said Wednesday afternoon. "We've been trying to work it out to get overseas, but we haven't been able to get that done yet. We're going to, but in the meantime, I like to do everything that I can to support the efforts of the USO, because it means so much to the military and their families."
Although he has never been in the military himself, many of Brice's family members have served, and one currently is.
"I have a cousin who is on his third tour overseas right now," Brice said. "So, it is an organization that is very dear to me. Both my grandfathers fought and uncles and all of that. I am proud of my heritage with that, and I fully support the efforts of our military men and women who are serving now."
Lee Brice performing in Sparta last year on the Throwdown Tour

With all of his success in the past year, Brice is riding high with his career achievements, and he credits a lot of that to the Throwdown Tour he did last year, which played at the World Shooting and Recreation Complex at Sparta.
"That was a great tour, and I do remember playing at Sparta," Brice said. "It was a unique venue for us for that tour, but it was a great festival feel. That whole tour opened a lot of things up for us. We hadn't had our first number one yet, but we got out there and played for the people, and I think being on such a big tour got us a lot of great exposure. It was a lot of fun."
With the lineup of that tour Brice said there was no way he couldn't have fun.
"First of all you've got Willie, and that speaks for itself," Brice said. "So many things have happened for everybody on that tour since then. Jamey Johnson has just released a great album for one. Randy Houser, who I consider the best singer in Nashville has a great single out now. Then you've got Brantley Gilbert. There will never be a lineup like that again. It will be hard to match, for sure. They didn't call it a 'Throwdown' for nothing."
Brice is hoping that "Hard to Love" will crack the number one spot next week, but is looking ahead to the next single, "I Drive Your Truck."
"That is one of, if not the most powerful song I have ever heard," Brice said. "I think it could be my 'career song' as they say. It's a song that you just have to stop and take it in the first time you hear it. I just know that the fans of my music will love it, and I hope everybody does, because everybody can relate to it."
The upcoming months are going to be busy for Brice, headlining shows, and his first arena headlining date coming up the day after Thanksgiving at Clemson, South Carolina where he used to play football.
"I am super stoked about that," Brice said. "My first arena headlining show, Thanksgiving, and football all together."
He will continue with some dates throughout the winter, all the while planning his wedding to fiance Sara Reeveley, which is set for April of next year.
"Things are going smooth, it's a little harder for me because I am out on the road so much, but things are getting done," Brice said. "I honestly can't wait to be married. You know we have a son, Takoda, and this step is going to complete everything for me. I'm serious, it can't get here soon enough."
After the honeymoon, Brice will embark next spring on a tour with a major country artist, but he can't say anthing about it until the announcement is made.
"I am really, really, excited about next year, but I can't say anything until 'he' does," Brice said. "It's gonna be big, though."
In the meantime, Brice wants fans to come see his show this year, like the one at The Pageant Friday.
"Right now, we are out there playing our hearts out, and I am so thankful that the fans spend their hard-earned money to come see us play," Brice said. "I really don't know how to explain my show except for the fact that my goal is to take the audience on a rollercoaster ride of emotions. We rock it, and we play a tear-jerker, and maybe an acoustic song or two. Being me is all I know how to do, and I share that on stage as I do when I am writing a song, or recording. It's just me, that's all I have to offer, I just want to make sure what I offer is good, that's all."

Who: Lee Brice
When: Friday, October 26
Where: The Pageant
Tickets: $21 and $61

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