Friday, August 2, 2013

LITTLE RIVER BAND's new album Cuts Like A Diamond out on Frontiers, August 27th

NEW YORK, / -- Frontiers Records is set to release Cuts Like A Diamond,the latest album of new material by Little River Band, one of the most successful global pop acts of all time. The album is due for release in Europe on August 24th, and in the US, on August 27th., and marks the first release of new studio original songs since 2003's Test Of Time.
Fronted by 34 year-LRB veteran Wayne Nelson, (lead vocals, bass), Little River Band now features an energized line up of: Richard Herring and Greg Hind on guitars and vocals; keyboardist/ vocalistChris Marion ; and drummer Ryan Ricks .
Cuts Like A Diamond features a myriad of songs that can only be categorized as "classic Little River Band." The first single, "The Lost And The Lonely," released in July 2013, is a poignant ode to the sacrifice made by the military men and women of the world.  Other highlights include the funky, free-wheelin' groove of "You Dream I'll Drive," and "Love Is," the album's closer.
Cuts Like A Diamond and the group's new alliance with Frontiers Records, marks a turning point in the history of a group whose hits remained a staple on radio stations around the world. Recalls Nelson: "Frontiers approached us 2012 and wanted a CD of new material from Little River Band. They wanted a west coast 1980s sound, just like what the band used to do. At the same time, we also knew we had to embrace the new LRB and the more contemporary sound we had been moving into. In the end, I think we accomplished both. We are very excited. From start to finish, we know this is a quality project."
Little River Band was formed in 1975 in Melbourne, Australia with several members that had previously played in successful Aussie bands. They soon became the darlings of American radio programmers, and from 1976 through the early 90s, the hits just kept coming. Among them: "It's a Long Way There," "Help Is on Its Way," "Happy Anniversary," "Reminiscing," "Lady," "Lonesome Loser," "Cool Change," "The Night Owls," and others. In the end, the group scored 13 Top 30 Hits and has sold over 30 million records.
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