Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Musical Comrades Release “Timeless” New Album (2/17) &
Launch Mono Mundo Tour (2/19) Next Week

Album Cover Art Courtesy of The Valory Music Co.
Nashville, TN ) – In anticipation of THE MAVERICKS’ album release next Tuesday, February 17, NPR: First Listen is previewing MONO (The Valory Music Co.) for fans a full week in advance. Esteemed critic Ann Powers claims, “Music this seductive earns the title timeless." Listen now via
"Mono begins with a salsa workout, the sexy ‘All Night Long,’ and travels to the band's long-favorite Tejano territory for ‘Nitty Gritty.’ The fluidity of Latin music infuses the whole album, even when the flavor is Caribbean (‘When I'm With You’), heartaches-by-the-number country (‘Out The Door’) or Big Bopper rock (‘Stories We Could Tell’),” explains NPR’s Powers. "Their weapons are consummate skill, the clarion charisma of singer Raul Malo, and the wisdom to know that fun is what wins in the end.” 

While in the studio the band realized that their songs required a different approach and the idea of creating an album without relying on stereo tricks of modern recording – in mono – was born. But it wasn’t the process alone that solidified the album title; with MONO, the band embraces cultural and musical diversity.

“When we went in to record this record, we were very resolved: we’d been through the time on the road, making the last album, living together as friends and as a band...We have nothing to lose, and only the music to gain,” says Malo, who along with his musical comrades believe in bringing people together – often in the name of good times and great music – which is the most universal language of all.

From their garage band roots in Miami Beach, The Mavericks have had a skill for melding a wealth of musical influences and getting people to groove. Industry awards, platinum albums, world tours, breakups and reformations later, The Mavericks recorded their critically-acclaimed album IN TIME and re-introduced music lovers to the band’s genre-defying music in 2013.

With the new release of MONO, The Mavericks find themselves making the most relevant music of their career, and according to NPR, “became great by cutting through the din in smoky rooms where studio tricks didn't factor in — only a killer voice, indelible hooks and the ability to draw in even the most distracted listeners.”

"The experience of making this record was quite unique. We had the luxury of a very finely tuned band and the energy from the last two years of touring under our belts. We all believed that it was going to be special and I think we would all agree that, our record MONO best represents what our band does live,” expresses guitarist Eddie Perez.

On February 19, The Mavericks will kick off their Mono Mundo Tour with headline dates domestically in Boston, New York, Miami, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Minneapolis, Houston and internationally in London, Paris, Cologne, Hamburg, among others. For full tour schedule and more on the Grammy-winning band, visit
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