Saturday, July 16, 2016

9ELECTRIC Release Debut Full Length Album 
"The Damaged Ones"
On Tour Now w/Gemini Syndrome and Stitched Up Heart

JULY 15, 2016

Hollywood based Electronic Rock outfit 9ELECTRIC has released their debut full length album, The Damaged Ones, today (July 15th) via Another Century Records. In support of the new album, the band is currently on the road for a two month long tour alongside labelmates Gemini Syndrome and Stitched Up Heart, which will see the three bands play throughout the states.

Speaking about the release of The Damaged Ones, Ron Thunderwood (vocals) states, "This album is the culmination of five insane years of touring and inspiration, captured and converted into a tiny stereo waveform for your entertainment. A sound wrought in real broken bones, broken hearts and victories. This is 9E's first official statement - our treatise on the human condition. We Are The Damaged Ones!"

9ELECTRIC frontman Ron "Thunderwood" will also be conducting phone interviews this coming Wednesday (July 20th) between 1-4pm CST. If you wish to schedule a time to speak with him, please reach out to David McDonald at Another Century. A full stream of THE DAMAGED ONES on YouTube is available via the link below. Any other needed assets are available upon request.

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The Damaged Ones is 9ELECTRIC setting their conviction to music. It is not a placebo intended to placate the masses, it is intense group therapy for the band and their fans. "The album describes the human condition - no one is truly safe, because at some point we're all damaged," says Thunderwood, bassist Casey DC adding, "the song itself - the album's title track - is about the process of becoming damaged and how it leads to being socially ostracized, a common feeling amongst bands and fans. This has been a theme in rock music for decades, and this song is about how we band together and become part of the rock scene as opposed to the mainstream."

From the opening declaration that "we are the damaged ones...", we are met with a thunderous resolve that doesn't falter throughout the album's 12 tracks. "The Damaged Ones," "Little Things" and "Beautiful" represent the band at their emotional best, with "New God," "Naked" and "Lies" fulfilling our more carnal desires. Guitars lay the foundation, and subtle layers of electronics propel the album to heights of sheer sonic splendor, transforming the listening experience into an aerobic exercise. "Take It Away" sprints from start to finish in a neon wash, while "More More" explodes like a supernova, according to Thunderwood, driven by its "pummeling, knuckle-dragging beat, and the snidest burns I've ever dished out on vocals." 
9ELECTRIC - Tour Dates w/Gemini Syndrome & Stitched Up Heart

7.15 Merriam KS — Aftershock
7.19 St Louis MO — Firebird

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