Monday, May 16, 2016


Mike Peters of The Alarm
The Listening Room Series
Saturday, September 24th
Doors 7pm, Show 8pm
$25 Reserved $15 General Admission
All Ages
(on sale Wed at 5pm)

Give Me Love, Give Me Hope, Give Me Strength” – The opening words from The Alarm’s 1985 UK/US Top 40 hit song ‘Strength’ which gave its name to the band’s career best selling album that celebrates it’s 30th anniversary in 2015. Following on from the hugely popular ‘Declaration Tour 2014’, Mike Peters one man band 'Alarm' concept will present ‘Strength’ in a similar contemporary style featuring performance, stories and images to honor the legacy the album left on the decade it helped define and the continuing significance it holds for listeners who can still relate to it’s timeless themes of love, hope and strength. 30 years on from the original release of ‘Strength’, Mike Peters still has so much to live for, After twenty years living with cancer his songs of love hope and strength have taken on greater meaning and the defiance of his words from the ‘Spirit Of ‘76’ ring truer than ever. “I will never give in until the day that I die.
 I’ll get myself some independence, carve out a future with my two bare hands”.

Saturday, July 9th
Doors 7pm  Show 8pm
$5 Cover  All Ages

In 2014, Arkangela began recording debut EP "LIMBO" at Encapsulated Studios with Producer/Engineer Matt Amelung, and released November 2015. After a period of long rest, they are back and ready with a new hunger to show the world their music and message, with the record currently released on all major music sources, and a new release on the way. "This is a band that believes in the power of people; no matter who they are." Stacey Smyre, Vocalist/Pianist states. "History shows us that." Arkangela is currently booking shows, writing new music, and working hard to achieve their goal as becoming the next successor to this outstanding lineage of musicians.

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