Friday, August 28, 2015

Julie Belle


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["Burning" Soundcloud Stream]
["Burning" Soundcloud Stream]
Los Angeles, CA - August 28, 2015 - Singer-songwriter Julie Belle has released her country-tinged new single "Burning." The track is the first release off of her upcoming EP You Were Younger, slated for a September 18th release. "Burning" is available to stream on Elmore and on Julie's official Soundcloud.
Burning reflects on Julie Belle's childhood and growing up near Detroit, which has undoubtedly deeply informed her music, both in lyric and in sound. Just like Detroit, Julie's music is sad but sweet, broken-hearted but hopeful, with no frills and no gimmicks-fueled by honest reflections of struggle, stories of survival, and unrelenting resilience. 
"I thought Burning was a love song when I wrote it," Belle explained. "I was halfway right. Sometimes I think I know what a song is about, but later after some time has passed, it changes. In this case, the song seems to have evolved from a love song into a breakup song. That's what I love about music--it grows with you. If you're in love, you can find yourself in it. And if you're heartbroken, you can find yourself in it, too."
Growing up in a home with a mother who doubled as a piano teacher made music an easy path for Julie Belle. By the time she was four years old she was learning to read music-even before she learned to read English. In 2011, Julie released her long-awaited debut EP, Run, in which she reflects on her young divorce and her uncertainty in how to move forward. "I should have called that first EP 'Songs from a Tired Heart.' I listen to those songs now and can't believe how vulnerable they are. I was too tired to be anything but honest."    
Julie Belle will be releasing her new EP, You Were Younger, on September 18th.
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