Monday, September 15, 2014

Three-piece alternative rock band 20 Eyes have released the music video for their single "Friends Like You." The quirky video is now available to view on music blog Under The Gun Review and on the band's YouTube channel.

"This video portrays a man unafraid of being himself," front man Wolf Bradley explained. "He has complete freedom of expression. It also has a glimpse of what it feels like to be betrayed by some one you thought was one of your own kind."
20 Eyes is a three-piece band from San Pedro, California. Front man Wolf Bradley got an early start in the creative process when, at the age of two, he awoke one morning to find a strange girl sleeping in his room - aspiring ballerina Misty Copeland. Wolf's family invited Copeland to live with them so that she could train at his parent's ballet studio in San Pedro. The two shared bunk beds and Misty became Wolf's de facto sister, second mother and pivotal muse in his young life. He saw her devotion to ballet and discovered his own passion for music and devoted his life to his craft. It was at his parents ballet studio where Wolf met his band mates Andrew Macatrao and Chris Gomez. As young teenagers were caught shoplifting and the judge sent the pair to the San Pedro Ballet School in hopes of reforming their character. Luckily, it all worked out!

20 Eyes Upcoming Tour Dates:
September 17, 2014 - Club Moscow - Los Angeles, CA

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