Tuesday, November 19, 2013

British Heavy Metal Legends SAXON Unleash Brand New “Unplugged and Strung Up” Album Teaser with 
Interview Footage
New Album of Alternative Takes on Classic Favorites Hits Stores on November 25, 2013
British heavy metal legends SAXON and UDR Music are pleased to reveal a brand new Unplugged and Strung Up album teaser, which also includes snippets of interviews with vocalist Biff Byford. Check out the exclusive new video via UDR Music’s YouTube page here: http://youtu.be/551z5RxDn40
Unplugged and Strung Up hits stores in the US on Monday, November 25th due to the holiday week, via UDR Music.
With Unplugged and Strung Up, SAXON introduces a carefully selected collection of unique, fresh and adventurous interpretations of material previously heard only with raw heavy metal thunder, the point is triumphantly underscored.
Unplugged and Strung Up reveals layers and pieces previously dormant in many of the 14 classic SAXON songs chosen for this makeover, thanks to some ear-catching new arrangements and mixes. Recorded, mixed and mastered with Andy Sneap in Derbyshire, UK earlier this year, Biff and co. re-evaluated, re-worked and re-energized the towering likes of ‘The Eagle Has Landed’ and ‘Crusader’ by introducing orchestral dynamics to offer added dimension. ‘Frozen Rainbow’ from the band's 1979 debut, gets a stunning acoustic reprisal which transports it into a power ballad to be proud of, whilst ‘Red Star Falling’ soars and sweeps the emotions with its orchestrally-arranged dovetail.
As if this reinvention wasn't enough, SAXON superfans and collectors can purchase a digipack version of the release which will include 2002's storming set of full-volume, pedal-to-the-metal re-recorded hits Heavy Metal Thunder. Featuring staple SAXON stormers such as ‘Motorcycle Man’, ‘Strong Arm of the Law’ and ‘Dallas 1pm’, it is a quintessential part of any collection. Order your copy of the digipack version here via Amazon.
The full-track listing for Unplugged and Strung Up is as follows:
01 Stallions Of The Highway (Remix)
02 Crusader (Orchestrated Version)
03 Battle Cry
04 The Eagle Has Landed (Orchestrated Version)
05 Red Star Falling (Orchestrated Version)
06 Broken Heroes (Orchestrated Version)
07 Call To Arms (Orchestrated Version)
08 Militia Guard
09 Forever Free (Re-recorded Version)
10 Just Let Me Rock (Re-recorded Version)
11 Frozen Rainbow (Acoustic Version)
12 Iron Wheels (Live Acoustic Version)
13 Requiem (Acoustic Version)
14 Coming Home (Acoustic Version)
The full track-listing for Heavy Metal Thunder is as follows:
01 Heavy Metal Thunder
02 Strong Arm Of The Law
03 Power & The Glory
04 And The Bands Played On
05 Crusader
06 Dallas 1PM
07 Princess Of The Night
08 Wheels Of Steel
09 747 (Strangers In The Night)
10 Motorcycle Man
11 Never Surrender
12 Denim & Leather
13 Backs To The Wall
- Limited Edition Digipack + Bonus Disc Heavy Metal Thunder
- CD Jewel Case
- Double Vinyl Gatefold LP
- Digital Download
- Exclusive D2C (Direct To Consumer) Package
For more information, please visit www.saxon747.com and www.udr-music.com.

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